Music! A chat with the composers of the Pinocchio for iPad score

One of the things we’re most proud of here at Pinocchio for iPad is the original score, which was composed by two musicians who worked closely with us as we created our app.

“When I composed the melody for Pinocchio,” says Daniele Zoncheddu, who wrote the main theme, “I allowed myself to be guided by the images and the ‘vintage’ feel of Lucia’s illustrations. I wanted the music to have that same feel, to highlight the tradition and adventurous dimension of Collodi’s novel. Hence the very Italian and popular nature of the melody. It’s also why we chose to use only ‘popular’, acoustic instruments like the guitar, flute and accordion.” Just the thing for Pinocchio, giving us a clever little look on the cover; and slightly faster for Pinocchio as he runs through the town.

“When I read Pinocchio as a kid, I really loved the ‘frightening’ bits – the dark woods and the assassins. So, in the scene where Pinocchio finds himself in the dark woods, I tried to recreate that very simple emotion, which was a mixture of fascination and fear. In some cases, though, such as the scene where Pinocchio burns his feet, the music tends to take us away from the atmosphere. It almost provides a third dimension, like someone looking on from outside the scene…”

And if the score evokes the suspenseful-magical atmosphere of Irish airs when the fairy appears, it is overwhelming when the melody (composed by Arjuna Iacci) is used to introduce the reader to the carnival-like madness that is Toyland. Here the circus music is given dissonant notes as a warning of what is about to happen…

This musical “contamination” is familiar ground to the Pinocchio musicians, who are all members of Kalevala, a rock group that delves into the most disparate of musical traditions and is guided by a imagination, freedom and a happy creative anarchy based on Celtic, Arabic, rock and pop components.

If you’re curious, you can visit the group’s website: http://www.kalevalahms.com/

If you want to see what they’re like in the studio, here you are Daniele Zoncheddu on guitar, Arjuna Iacci on accordion and Dario Caradente on flute.


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  1. Arianna | 29 March 2011

    I’ve been captured by the melody used in the scene where Pinocchio burns his feet: it’s a kind of lullaby that cradles the reader…and Pinocchio himself, considering he keeps on sleeping even if his feet are catching fire..!

  2. Karly Laurito | 29 February 2012

    I really enjoy looking through on this site, it holds excellent content .

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